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Biscayne Bay Boat Charters offers the most exciting boat tours! We are willing to go above and beyond to give you the best experience.

Is our desire to give you access to the most memorable times, we will take you to remote beaches where you can continue your celebrations in private before heading back out into the water.

Other Miami boat rental companies are not willing or skilled enough to go to these lengths to ensure that your family has the best time possible.

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Our vessels is large enough to accommodate as many as 13 passengers. with the option to accommodate 6 more guests for a larger party aboard our Wellcraft center console.

The deck on the catamarans is large enough to fit an entire band. You can have friends, food, a trained staff, and live musical performances all aboard the entire time.

Our boat is designed to make sure you have everyrthing you need to enjoy your day!.

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Experienced Licensed Captains and Fully Insured

We pride ourselves in our captains and our crew and all who are professional personable and knowledgable in all aspects of safe boating